Friday, April 15, 2011

I guess that God had something He wants me to think about today.

It all started with Donna and John's Peace Dove, from Laughing Fridge (they make very cool  'frig magnets).

I have one on  my 'frig.  Each time I pass the 'frig, I think about the Peace Dove and the legend behind it. But, it was still on my mind today as I started making a collection of things I love on Etsy, and the Peace Dove was the first item I chose.

Then the rest of the collection came behind it, echoing the feeling from the Peace Dove.

Shawna Erback's paintings really capture hopefulness and a sense of wonder.

I have enjoyed several epiphanies this week, one of which is that I can wear perfume again!  Ever since I was brain-dented in 2000, I haven't been able to wear perfume.  But, I discovered this week that now I can -- YAY -- as well as how much I missed it.  It's a little thing, perhaps, but I think little joys are hints of things for us to notice.

And, would that I always take the time to celebrate those joys.

My closing thought today is this:
In all that you do and in all that you aspire, do it with Grace and Peace.

Blessings to you.


  1. Oh, and the rest of the "On a Wing and a Prayer" collection is here:


  2. It's amazing how God talks to us through such small things as a dove magnet :)

    You wrote a beautiful blog and created a beautiful and inspiring treasury as well. Thank you so much for featuring our Peace Dove.

    And hurray for being able to wear perfume again!

    hugs, Donna

  3. Beautiful thoughts! Wonderful that you're now able to enjoy that simple pleasure again!