Friday, April 15, 2011

I guess that God had something He wants me to think about today.

It all started with Donna and John's Peace Dove, from Laughing Fridge (they make very cool  'frig magnets).

I have one on  my 'frig.  Each time I pass the 'frig, I think about the Peace Dove and the legend behind it. But, it was still on my mind today as I started making a collection of things I love on Etsy, and the Peace Dove was the first item I chose.

Then the rest of the collection came behind it, echoing the feeling from the Peace Dove.

Shawna Erback's paintings really capture hopefulness and a sense of wonder.

I have enjoyed several epiphanies this week, one of which is that I can wear perfume again!  Ever since I was brain-dented in 2000, I haven't been able to wear perfume.  But, I discovered this week that now I can -- YAY -- as well as how much I missed it.  It's a little thing, perhaps, but I think little joys are hints of things for us to notice.

And, would that I always take the time to celebrate those joys.

My closing thought today is this:
In all that you do and in all that you aspire, do it with Grace and Peace.

Blessings to you.